What is Build My Rank (BMR) or buildmyrank.com ?
Build My Rank is basically a blog network.  It consists of a network of high PR websites configured as simple blogs under the WordPress platform. It accepts articles ( often referred to as posts) with anchor text links embedded in them.  As of now, BMR is one among the larger networks with almost 2500 websites to its name. This is exactly why joining hands with them will help you to boost your link building campaign. The most attractive part of the whole system is that the whole system gives you the option for hands free link building. This is a huge advantage because by relying on the BMR’s fail proof method to do the link building for you, you can concentrate more on other productive works. Bear in mind that, as far as getting good rankings is concerned, the latest trend in internet marketing world is high Page Rank networks like Build My Rank.
How to join the Build My Rank (BMR) or buildmyrank.com ?
As the saying goes, every good thing comes with a price tag. Likewise, BMR also has a  joining fee as under.
Up to 5 domains – $59/month
Up to 10 domains – $79/month
Up to 20 domains – $99/month
Up to 50 domains – $159/month
You are allowed by the system to make as many posts as you wish for each URL you are promoting. But only 10 posts can be distributed each day per URL. All posts must be a minimum of 150 words length and can contain exactly one link.  If you prefer long posts, then you can insert a link for every additional 150 words.  But, remember the content you post must be unique. Spun content is not allowed.  The advantage of having original content increases the chances of the content being indexed and this is one of the reasons why BMR works so well.
As the next step, the post submitted by you will be reviewed by BMR and will be accepted or rejected according to the quality of the content.  This may take a few hours . Usually around 24 hours. On weekends, it may take slightly longer. Once the post is approved by the BMR team, it will be appended to the queue for posting and will get added to the network shortly. In fact, they randomly distribute a queued post to one of the sites in the network usually with PR from 1 to 5. You can rest assure that your posts will not roll off the home pages that quickly because BMR has over 2500 high PR sites.  If you  make posts to BMR on a regular basis, you will be able to maintain high PR backlinks from BMR network to your sites.

Does this sound interesting? Here is a risk free method to take a trial. BMR provides you the first 10 links completely free. This trial will help you to get an idea of entire system. But, it would be foolish to take a decision based on these 10 links. Rather, sign up for one month and then make your decision on whether BMR is your cup of tea or not.
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